About Selecta Labs

Innovation in laboratory testing

The Company

Selecta Labs believes that genomic knowledge and technology are the basis for a significant evolution in the diagnostics sector. Molecular diagnosis is the beginning of a revolution in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

Selecta Labs focuses on molecular tests for cancer and has the privilege of offering the most advanced techniques in this sector. Selecta Labs has laboratories both in Brazil and in the United States. We are also privileged to work closely with a select number of physicians, doctors, geneticists, and bioinformaticians to navigate any challenges in this segment.

Our professionals specialize in all areas of molecular diagnostics always seeking technological innovations that can help physicians and doctors actively and effectively fight cancer.

With our tests portfolio, we can cover the most important aspects related to cancer care: predisposition, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. These aspects allow us to offer a customized service to physicians and patients in terms of cancer treatment.